Monday, December 23, 2013

Her arms were was her music!

Last week I went to the Philadelphia Orchestra's Glorious Sound of Christmas concert. Settling down into the plush red velvet seats and readying myself for 2 hours of make-you-feel-good-or-else holiday music, while admiring the nice color coordinated lighting when lo and behold!: a female conductor sauntered onto the stage!

I was fascinated by her ((Sarah Hicks) since she was the first female conductor I've ever encountered) ... and by her arms! Not only was she fashionably dressed and had a full head of hair, but the outfit was sleeveless(!) and with a dramatic flowing one sided decorative  wing, allowing her fabulous, toned, and lean arms to entertain us as she waved her baton. It was truly glorious and enviable: her arms did not jiggle at all!

Her conducting was also great (source: a soprano in the choir), replete with outfit change during intermission. Another proof that women can do anything just as well as men, except with style and leaner arms.