Sunday, March 2, 2014

Positivity attracts positivity

As I continue down this crazy journey call online dating, without much luck albeit currently, it's amazing to see the profile of people: how they can be so bitter, angry, negative, and not too pleasant to know digitally nevertheless in real life. If they showcase themselves as such a people then what sort of people were they hoping to attract?

Also what is this "game" that they speak of? I don't quite understand when did finding love/boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other/lover ever was a game. In talking to some guy friends they talk about the uncertainty of calling or texting 3 days after a date or not, which all sounds rather silly because there are no "rules" or "games." If you like someone then you contact them as soon as you want to and if the other person does not respond to you then good riddance because they didn't like you enough, so why would you want to continue to get hurt by someone who doesn't like you enough?

We want to be in and think we deserved to be love, so find it in the places that are possible instead of pining for the impossible! Positivity attracts positivity so shine on!