Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tales from a wise friend: Networking is like poop

Around the table over a game of Defenders of the Realm around last Christmas time:

"Networking is so hard!"

"I agree, sometimes it feels so disingenuous and forced. Plus what do I bring to the table when I network!?"

"Well networking is like poop."

"What?!" "Huh?!"

"Yes, exactly: networking is like poop!"

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well as you know I really like poop related things that are cute (see picture below). As I talk to other people it somehow comes out that I like poop things, just because it's something I find interesting! So now I have amassed a collection of poop paraphernalia: stickers, bookmarks, children's book, dolls, and such, or people tell me where they have seen such things or they takes pictures of poop things for me! So networking is like poop because you have to tell people what you are interested in, what you want to do, and what goals you have. Just by telling people about my interest in poop I was able to get all these random poop items! So networking is similar: you have to tell people what you want, the information to be impactful, interesting, or at least memorable, so that when people come across something you're interested in the first thing they think about is you. So in my case: poop!"

"Ah I see! So networking is like poop!"

Nod nod. "How wise!"

Cute poop rubbers X3
Yes even in japan they make these little rubbers look cute!! XDD