Sunday, January 26, 2014

A productive winter weekend

You know you've been productive when you:
+ Made homemade lasagna and wolfed down a quarter of it because you were starving
+ Gathered the courage to tell a colleague from a professional organization that he drunken antics are not professional
+ Went on a second date and got a taste of your own medicine: yes you are there to vet future potential with the guy but don't treat it like an interview! It was no fun to be eyeballed for compatibility, stability, and fertility the second time you meet someone. While I appreciate the seriousness, I keep thinking "Where is the fun? How can I be with someone I'm not enjoying some fun time with?"
+ Went on a bowling date and proceed to flatter your date by losing horribly at bowling, unintentional of course
+ Saw the Bachelor "live" wedding, which reduce you to sniffles around the romantic occasion

All in all a good weekend!