Saturday, January 25, 2014

Online dating -- Do I judge you when:

- Your online profile has horrible pictures
- You do not use proper punctuation or capitalization on your profile/communication. Do not even get me started on grammar!
- Offer sexual proposition
- Expect a hook up on the first date
- You drop off mid-communication. Note that this can occur when the guy has even got my phone number!
- The guy who takes the prize was from eharmony (Who would think has "serious" seekers!) We proceeded to text where he would sporadically invite me to last minute events. (Hate to disappoint you guys but women don't just sit around with bated breath for your communication. We have to live life!) He then proceed to drop off and then recontacted 2 months later (My theory is that he was dating someone else and it didn't work out so instead of starting fresh he just backtracked.) Upon refreshing my memory of who he is, when I pointed out his sporadic communication he became quite nasty over text... then I can see why it may not have worked out with the other person.
- We finally meet and you don't even buy me coffee. Note that when you offer dinner or drinks previously, I decline but opted for coffee, tea, or gelato because I don't want to waste your money because it can be quite expensive meeting so many women via online dating! The coffee costs about $3, surely you can spare that!
- The absolute worse time was when I was in an air cast due to a badly sprained ankle, not only did the guy did not offer to get me coffee, but when I mentioned that I am getting water he DID NOT even offer to get it. For Pete's sake I am in a freaking air cast! That's the least you can do for another injured human being that went all the way to the coffee shop to see you!
- Wear a blue hoodie with a pink clown on it. Not sure what sort of message you want to send...
- Keep interrupting me while I am speaking. I have patiently listened to your life story and made small talk, the least you can do is return the courtesy.

So the answer to all these scenarios is: Yes.