Saturday, February 8, 2014

First birthday wishes

Happy 1st birthday! The first of many more to come my dear little "nephew" (well since your dad/my college friend insists that I am your auntie then that makes you my nephew then)!

The "first" is always the best: first cake, first child (just kidding!), first snow, first kiss, winning first place at a competition and beating everyone else, first love, first trip, etc not because they always last but because of the things that were brought to our lives to open our eyes and see things in a different ways. This is the first of many first for you with many more to come.

As you go through life, I wish you this:
- May you have enough joys in your life to keep you smiling, positive, and forward looking but also enough sadness to make you appreciate the good in life, to treasure what you have, and to do better in the future. Studies have shown the ratio (at least in successful relationships) of good:bad to be around 3:1. Feel free to increase ratio as need be.
- May you have enough structure and guidance from family, friends, and loved ones to know that you will have support, develop grit, and cultivate diligence when you are going through rough times but also enough freedom to express your creativity, personality, and the wonderful things that make who you care to pursue the things you want, savor the good times, and value yourself for just who you are.
- May you continue to be curious and kind. The world always needs people who sees the world slightly different in a positive way.

As always your auntie will be there, albeit a bit less hands off (just because I don't change your diapers or never babysat you doesn't mean I don't care!). I will offer you a different perspective from your parents, though they are fine folks, another perspective and more red envelopes during lunar new years never hurt anyone! Along with kisses, hugs, and candy.

Happy birthday and here is the preview of the gift you will receive:

Can you tell that even though you are turning 1, the egg within egg is for 6 months plus, and that I really really want it for myself?