Tuesday, February 4, 2014

People who scare me:

- My dad, when I was a little kid
- Vagrants roaming around the streets screaming obscenities at me
- Those who are really smart, ambitious, go-getters, and successful all the time, actually they make me feel small but in a scary way
- People who cook really badly and expect me to eat their food
- Myself, when I am in a bad mood
- People with really big things. Such as Amy Poehler with big eyes, Anne Hathaway with her big mouth (Although she has really grown beautifully into it. For some reason Julia Robert's mouth doesn't bother me), or people with really big boobs (real or not)
- My paternal grandmother. I don't think I have every saw her smile during our brief interactions. Though she is one smart and driven business person with 8 kids
- Old white men; or as my friend affectionately calls them pale frail male who represent most of senior management in America. Although my fear of them has been diminishing with age and realizing they are actually not as smart as I thought they were
- Anyone above an executive director level at my company. How did they get to that level and what did they do to get there!?
- People carrying sharp pointy objects/screaming little children who really need a diaper change/hot coffee near me
- Gun owners who don't know how to operate their weapon safely
- Close minded people with inflated egos