Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hello World, Welcome, and An Introduction

Hi and welcome to Sense of Pajamas! You can call me PJ for short =)

So why the moniker PJ?

Because we all have a set of PJs that we have that defines who we are. Whether it is comfy flannel set, sexy lingerie, onesy, worn and somewhat ragged college t-shirt, or just whatever that is relatively clean and not lying on the floor, it's the outfit that we wear to bed at the end of everyday to sleep, perchance to dream. We are comfortable, familiar, and relaxed in this setting and perhaps our truest selves without the make up, fashionable accessories, brand names, and labels. I hope my blog will reflect this.

Additionally growing up in an immigrant family, I never had a "sense of pajamas" - my ever practical parents just put my younger brother and me to bed in an elastic waist outfit that we then went to school in the next day. Literally just roll out of bed and go! See below for a few outfits that were my favorite and I still think fondly about:

A bit about me: I am a woman, I am Asian, and I am American. The blog will have thoughts, stories, and musings from all 3 realms of my life. Even if you do not come from these walks of life there will be components that will resonate with you. Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy the reading, and come share this journey with me.