Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thought "up" was the status quo...

Once there was a little girl named PJ who was quite the exemplary obedient Asian American girl: going to school, doing well in classes, memorizing the multiplications tables when all the other kids in class barely knew how to add (or count), doing "chores" below minimum wage, and listening to her elders.

Except one thing kept bothering her: the toilet, specifically the toilet seat.

Because here is how the L household looks like:

Now little PJ was very scientifically savvy and knew that since she and mommy were both females they need to sit down on the toilet. On the other hand since daddy and little bro were males they didn't need to sit down (though the actual mechanics were never ever witnessed.)

Using her advance math powers little PJ discovered: 

With that discover, little PJ then observed this constant trend:

It wasn't until she finally stepped into a friend's house for the first time ever in junior high school that little PJ realized that toilet seats in American are usually "down" not "up"!

That blew her mind.

The End.