Monday, November 18, 2013

The Crappiest and Bestest of Friends

I have the crappiest friends!
Friends who:
- Live far far away and you don't get to see much, making you miss their gentle/crazy smiles, wit, and warm hugs
- Are just such amazing people who humble you in ways you can not expect
- Are sick/need surgery/in pain and don't tell you about it! Instead they listen to you prattle on about your aching heart, burning ambitions, and righteous indignities with open mind and accepting hearts

I have the bestest friends!
Friends who:
- Let you talk/sob/express/rant your heart out about dreams, hopes, disappointments, feelings, fears, joy and life without judgement
- Willing to lend a helping hand/shoulder/ear, not necessarily all the time but at times that seem just right
- See the value and beauty of you, supplying that confidence/trust/belief/love/compassion in yourself when at times the world or even you have given up on yourself: they haven't!

I'm very lucky.

Sending luck, good health, laughter, and adventures to all my friends.