Tuesday, November 26, 2013

To shave or not to shave

...my legs!

As bears need extra calories to bulk up for winter hibernation, us humans lack such evolution talent: eating copious amount of food, storing it all in fat, and then sleeping off the cold season till warm beautiful spring arrives. Heck, we even have been losing most of the hair on our body except on certain inconvenient places!

When winter comes the ultimate question comes up: should I or should I not shave my legs?

(Disclaimer: for an Asian women, whose whole race is seen as relatively hairless, for some reason I have atrociously hair appendages. Not only do I blame it on my father's genes (where most of my aunts and female cousins display the same traits) but this is one of the reason I believe that one of my ancestors is probably a beautiful women from south China who was taking an innocent stroll through the meadows one day. Her beauty captured the interest of a hairy Mongolian warrior who had his way with her and resulted in hairy progenies. The end.)

To solve this conundrum I run down this mental checklist. The following answers are for this very day:

- How cold is it? Well...it's winter so: very. (If weather is 75 degree Fahrenheit then shave, if less than 75 degrees then abstain)
- How lazy do I feel? Well...again it's winter so: very.
- Am I dating anyone right now? No.
- (Even if I am dating someone, what is the probability of him coming to close proximity with my bare legs? If higher than 85% then shave, is lower than 85% maintain status quo of hairiness.)
- Do I feel comfortable with hairy legs? Always.